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Unlike most pest control companies; here at Heat Strike we specialize in Chemical Free Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This method is completely safe and will rid you of your pest issues without the use of harmful Chemicals sitting in your home. Our system can cater to all customers, no matter the location.

Heat Strike uses completely safe equipment to Heat the Bed Bugs to their thermal death point. We are on site for the entire time of the Treatment, to ensure the safety of your items. As our focus is aimed at the customer being completely satisfied. A full report is always given after every Treatment, giving you the information on where we found the Bed Bugs, and how many. For a free inspection and quote please call us at 780-722-9261 to become Bed Bug free. Available 24hrs a day.

Most of our loyal customers are located in Edmonton, Alberta, but Heat Strike is always happy to travel. We want to Exterminate these Bed Bugs for you. Heat Strike is always happy to travel to your Residential or Commercial locations. Heat Strike can also treat your items BEFORE you move to a new location, giving you peace of mind during the process. Also offering a Rental System, made to Exterminate Bed Bugs at their early stage. We always apply Diatomaceous Earth after every Treatment, completely Child Friendly and Pet Safe. Every Heat Treatment gets our full attention, absolutely no compromises.

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