Heat Process vs. Chemical Treatment (Advantages in Bold)

Category Heat Process
Chemical Treatment
Treatments required 1 Several – Min. 3
Time out of Residence 8 to 9 hrs for treatment 4 hrs. to 2 days or more
Time required to do the actual job 8 to 9 hrs Approx. 1 hr. or less
Chemicals left behind NONE Residual Chemicals
Concern for Children or Pets NONE Possible reaction to chemicals
Furniture required to move


Workers will move selected items

Move all to center of room, Stand bed up against wall
Area to be treated

Complete residence and the heat will

Penetrate into areas where the pests hides

Spot or Perimeter


Pest movement after treatment NONE Pests are starting to detect the chemical and starting to move around the structure
Forms of Pest being treated

All forms (Adult, Larvae and Egg)

The heat will penetrate everywhere the pests hide

Live pests only and must be in direct contact with the pest.

Have to wait for the egg to hatch

Preparation for treatment Remove heat sensitive items, wash clothing in dresser drawers No furniture movement Move all furniture to center of room, stand bed against wall, wash all clothing
Clean up after treatment Good vacuum to clean up dead pests Vacuum and wipe residual chemical off all items

You know you have them.

We use No Chemicals

Have to inspect before Chemicals can be applied

Additional cost

Invested Furniture Heat will penetrate through and save all furniture and mattresses Have to throw out or cover invested furniture

Initial cost is higher but by the time Chemical treatment is done, over cost is very similar

Advantage is One Time Treatment

Cost less per treatment but requires multiple applications and may require some furniture to be discarded and replaced