Portable Heater Rental Service

Here at Heat Strike Pest Control Inc. we also offer our customers the option of renting a portable heater kit for bed bugs. This complete bed bug kit gives you options, and time to complete the entire extermination process on your own. Listed below is some basic info for you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us anytime at 780 – 722 – 9261.

  • Our portable bed bug heater kit includes the heater itself, temp gun, all the extension cords you would need, and an additional fan to circulate the air.
  • The heater easily plugs into any 120v household plug. If power is ever an issue, we can also offer our customers a easy adapter for a 220v plug.
  • Heat Strike will always come to you for initial drop off and setup of the heater, this allows us to walk through everything with you. Answering all questions and concerns in person.
  • We can offer you our portable bed bug heater for 5 complete days of bed bug extermination. Allowing you to take time in an area, and even heating the concerned area twice.
  • Our heater can easily be left alone for the day, you can easily go to work or school with no issues. With double safeties and a thermostat cycling the the heat to the perfect temp to eradicate your bed bug issue for you.
  • If any issues ever arise we can easily be reached anytime at 780 – 722 – 9261.

Please visit our instagram page for pictures of our portable bed bug heater rental kit.  https://www.instagram.com/heatstrikepestcontrol/?hl=en