Heat Strike Pest Control Inc. Specialized and Perfected our Chemical Free Heat Treatment with the help of Thermotech Environmental for over 10 years. We DO NOT use propane based systems, as they do not offer the safety we know our Customers want. Our Electric system is completely Safe, with no harmful exhaust entering your Home. The Diatomaceous Earth we apply after each Treatment, is Food Grade quality. Safe for your family and Pets.

Our Process has been proven very effective for many Customers here in Edmonton, Alberta, and all around Canada. We take pride in our Customer service, and I am sure you will agree that we are the absolute best in this field.

Customer service is what Heat Strike's foundation is built on, whether it's working on the weekend for you, or just educating you on Bed Bugs. We are here to help you understand where and how you may have picked up these critters, and of course to inform you on how we will get rid of them. Call us now at 780 – 722 – 9261 to become Bed Bug free.