Willing to do just about anything

by Tommy Underhill
January, 2018

In an industry filled with unproven companies, products, and methods, Dr. Michael R. Linford could be considered the father of modern thermal pest eradication. He was first to commercialize today’s approach using heat for structural pest control beginning in 1989. Since then, he has continued to advance and refine his techniques, equipment, and training programs.

Today, Dr. Linford has pioneered a process that delivers proven efficacy without requiring costly equipment, licensing, or poisonous chemicals. GreenTech Heat is a methodology that can be administered by the maintenance staff when the need arises. Infestations are no longer free to pester us while we wait for an exterminator.

Woman burns down her home while trying to kill bed bugs Bed bugs are a pest people are willing to do just about anything to get rid of. In December of 2017, a woman near Cincinnati, Ohio accidentally set fire to a multi-family home while trying to rid her infestation of bedbugs with rubbing alcohol. Three people were taken to a hospital and ten were displaced from the residence.

Just around Thanksgiving, a 13-year-old boy trying to kill a bed bug with alcohol and a match sparked a blaze that was responsible for setting an apartment complex on fire that displaced eight people and caused $300,000 in damage.

Unfortunately, the inappropriate application of heat is nothing new when combating these pests. A New Jersey house fire that ignited in 2013 was blamed on a homeowner’s battle against bedbugs. Woodbury, New Jersey Fire Marshal Joseph Buono relates that quick Internet remedies for killing bedbugs are a “catastrophe in the making.” He says that afflicted homeowners should “call the professionals.”