Combating the hitch-hiking bed bug

by Tom Allen
February 1, 2018

Bed bugs seem to magically appear from nowhere. We like to think that nature has a reason for every living thing. But bed bugs are a head scratcher for the answer to this question. These creatures are excellent hitchhikers and easily travel into homes and hotels on luggage, hand bags, clothing, beds, furniture, and household items. This is a huge problem for hotels, student housing, and apartments, where frequent guest turnover is the regular business of the day. Bed bugs are small and not always seen. Signs of the little insects if not seen crawling around live, are the classic apple seeds and ground black pepper. The adults are the shape and size of small red apple seeds and their fecal droppings look like ground black pepper. Common areas for inspection are the seams of mattresses, box springs and headboards. The eggs are especially tiny and are usually overlooked whitish/transparent small rice grains.

Used beds and furniture is another way they can be transported into homes and offices. The bugs can also be carried in clothing, shoes, wheelchairs, shopping bags, service carts, vacuum cleaners and pet beds etc.