Bedbugs do not discriminate

Bedbugs do not discriminate By Tom Allen Unlike cockroaches or flies that live in filth, there is no relationship between bed bugs and clean environments. Bed bugs feed only on blood. Clean, upscale homes can be as easy to infest as run down filthy homes. Poverty is often associated with Read More

Combating the hitch-hiking bed bug

Combating the hitch-hiking bed bug by Tom Allen February 1, 2018 Bed bugs seem to magically appear from nowhere. We like to think that nature has a reason for every living thing. But bed bugs are a head scratcher for the answer to this question. These creatures are excellent hitchhikers Read More

Home treatment gone BAD

Willing to do just about anything by Tommy Underhill January, 2018 In an industry filled with unproven companies, products, and methods, Dr. Michael R. Linford could be considered the father of modern thermal pest eradication. He was first to commercialize today‚Äôs approach using heat for structural pest control beginning in 1989. Read More

Dangers of Bed Bug treatments with Heat

Here is a link to show you the dangers of trying to do self Heat Treatments for bed bugs. Always get a professional involved. Call Heat Strike Pest Control for proper professional advise on best method of treatment. We can provide you an option to provide approved equipment so you Read More